PharmaTech: AI, Video, and Evolution in Healthcare Sales

The episode unravels the nexus of pharmaceutical sales and technology, delving into the integration of AI and video in healthcare. Host Stefan Repin, Head of Marketing for Platforce, unravel the future of pharmaceutical sales with guest speaker Mark Benthin, the Founder and CEO of VIIHEALTH, a global leader in healthcare engagement.

🔍 Episode Highlights:

Mark Benthin the Founder and CEO of VIIHEALTH, showcases the revolutionary use of AI to create lifelike avatars of field reps. These avatars deliver approved content to physicians, tailored to individual doctors' preferences, streamlining communication and fostering high engagement.  

Mark's expertise in life sciences, personalization, content marketing, patient engagement, and digital transformation is reshaping the industry. VIIHEALTH is revolutionizing healthcare relationships by implementing AI innovations and generative video, where reps can deploy lifelike avatars, enabling personal and efficient communication with physicians. He also discusses the significant engagement and retention power of video, and how this technology can revolutionize training, onboarding, and even patient care. Benthin predicts even greater integration with real-time video assistance, foreseeing this technology's vast applications throughout healthcare.

Join us in this insightful episode and discover how AI-driven avatars are reshaping healthcare relationships- specifically focusing on sales and technology! 

💡 Key Takeaways:

Mark highlights the compliance ease and the minimal time investment, emphasizing the transformative benefits of this innovation in enhancing pharmaceutical industry engagement. The discussion extends to expanding AI tech to training sales reps, interactive features, and patient engagement, underscoring the significance of quick scalability in pharma innovation.

🎧 Conclusion:

The dialogue underlines the powerful impact of video-based AI communication on enhancing physician engagement, while also addressing potential challenges in integrating this pioneering technology into the pharma sales landscape.

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PharmaTech: AI, Video, and Evolution in Healthcare Sales
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